Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Mysterious Urban Myths" as Katherine's Fave

I recommend "Mysterious Urban Myths" by John Townsend because the myths are very scary and mysterious. They give you chills EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! I like this book because it is rated true, false, or they don't know.  I love the i don't know stories. This has all sorts of catergories of different myths like animals, to food, to mythical creatures and Bigfoot and faries, to people, to spooky cars, and more. You have to get this heart stopping book. You have to be very brave to read these spine chilling myths!!! This book is to DIE for!!!!

                    Written by 4th grader, Katherine

Click here to get to the catalog (copy and past the bold words above into the catalog) or just check it out in the non-fiction section at 398.2 TOW.

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