Monday, November 26, 2012

"The Bad Beginning" chosen by Skylar and Lauren

"The Bad Beginning" by Lemony Snicket is about 3 children named Sunny, Klaus, And Violet Bauldelaire. One day there parents died in a fire and they were left as orphans.  Violet was the oldest who loved to invent, Klause the middle aged one loved to read all kinds of books, and Sunny just loved to say random words out loud. Their banking accountant, Mr. Poe, found a supposedly good place to live, but there was this terrible man named Count Olaf.  Count Olaf is the meanest man ever. He made them all stay in 1 room, fed them gross food, and treated them like scums. This book is a good choice, but it also uses new words that you probaby never heard of before!

                                    Written by 5th grader, Skylar

This book is about how a 3 kids that are siblings parents died and they go with there banker to live with an uncle that wants to possess their riches. I recommend this book because it is full of mystery and has a sorta happy ending.

                                    Written by 5th grader, Lauren

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